Organic Tea: What Makes It So Special?

With our organic teas, we attach great importance to making our contribution to the responsible use of resources. Sustainability is a big issue for us at TEEKANNE – at every step of the value chain. In addition to raw materials, we also pay attention to environmentally friendly packaging design for our teas from the organic range. In addition, we have introduced various steps for a sustainable lifestyle in our company.

How Our Organic Teas Promote Sustainability

At TEEKANNE, we have continued to expand our variety of organic teas in recent years. In doing so, we make an active contribution to the protection of our flora and fauna: our organic products support organic farming, for example. In doing so, we take care to prevent the pollution of our environment by chemical agents such as pesticides and herbicides. In this way, we sustainably protect local ecosystems and maintain soil fertility. With the organic teas from our ORGANICS range, you can already taste the first proverbial fruits of this labor.

Our Organic Products: Tea all Original

Another aspect that we focus on in the production of our organic teas is the ingredients of the finished product. Therefore, we attach great importance to the fact that the use of additives is strongly limited.

For this reason, our teas with the organic seal are free of flavor enhancers, stabilizers or artificial colors and sweeteners. We also avoid the use of nitrogen fertilizers in the cultivation of raw materials, genetic engineering, pesticides, and irradiation of our products. By ensuring that at least 95 percent of our ingredients are organically grown, we ensure that you get the pure organic taste of all-natural origin.

Organic Tea for Every Taste

When you drink our organic teas, you are already making a small contribution to ecological action. True to the motto “Feeling good tastes good”, we now have a wide variety of teas with the organic seal in our range.

In addition to our ORGANICS tea blends, which we are constantly expanding with new varieties and exciting flavors, our classic black teas are already waiting for you. Meanwhile, we also offer fruit and herbal teas as organic variations. You can recognize our organic teas by the well-known organic logo, which certifies that they meet the requirements of the EC Organic Regulation.

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Teekanne Tea preparation at a glance

Ensure you boil to 100°C
allow to steep-2
allow to steep for 5-8 minutes.
Enjoy the great taste of Teekanne tea.